It’s All About the Character…

Without changing the actual elevations of the home, I wanted to give the outside an appearance that would be as nice as it was on the inside. The new concrete work definitely added character but it wasn’t enough. Replacing the siding was a good move, even considering the added expense. After it is painted, that will certainly add some shine. But I wanted more!

I decided to put in new columns in the front.  I originally had them done out of hardi, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  I wanted more character and that was accomplished with cedar. In efforts to bring everything together, and to accent the new windows, I built some cedar shutters. I found some iron gate hinges. I had Mr. Larry do a little welding to get the parts off that I didn’t need to leave more of a look of a hinge and less functioning parts.  I hung them temporarily to gauge my liking.

Once I had decided the color, I removed the shutters, painted and rehung the shutters.  What a transformation it made!



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