If these Walls Could Speak…

The past has so much to say .. And one day today will be the past and what will it say?  Amy Grant has a song “If These Walls Could Speak”. I have always held the lyrics close to my heart. The walls that make our house a home, the stories they tell and the beating they take! I guess that is part of what makes me a sucker for old houses! 

When I walk into a house that is battered, beaten and just about done, I imagine the stories it would tell. A time capsul, if you will. 

I instantly begin imagining how this home could be given another 50-100 years and what it would take. Granted that the beginning is more exciting because of the hope of potential. It is the journey of this that is wearing, frustrating, expensive and a definite challenge of strength. For 4.5 months we have been chanllenged, worn out and almost beaten but I am thrilled to say we are about two weeks from completion. 

I imagine the family that will sit around this table  and the homework being done at the bar. 

I imagine the slumber parties and late night giggling in the kids bedrooms 

The movies and entertaining

And the family that will never know that one hard headed woman made these doors because I never give up  (even when I sometimes should). They will never know the dinners I missed or the family time sacrificed to bring this home back to life. The family they will never know that gave their hours of time and energy to make their home a reality.

Yet we will know and we will never forget. The 4.5 months we gave, and a lot of money, gave this old, failing house, a new beginning. The Fountain of Youth. 


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